Xantia x2 V6 electronics problem.  


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09/12/2017 7:46 am  


Last week I changed all 7 spheres on my 1990 XM for new Amtex units, yet I saw little difference with the ride. The old ones, which were original Citroen units, were not completely flat, so it was not that bad to begin with, but still it now feels just like a normal car. I can rarely feel the car floating as it should, 95% of the time it's just not as soft as an XM should be. And I do remember exactly how incredibly smooth the car is supposed to feel, gliding along. Plus I renewed the LHM and cleaned the filter as well, so it should be as good as new. Apart from that, I can feel, see and hear the rear height corrector working overtime, even when the car is moving, often making small corrections to the height at the back, which wasn't happening in the past (if I remember well). Could it be that??? I know the car is not stuck in Sport Mode as I did the trick with the radio on Long Wave 189, and it only switches when necessary.

By the way, for all this work to the suspension I was charged for 2 hours labour. Why do I get the feeling I was ripped off??? Am I right in that?

I am desperate, having spent 240 quid in total.

Any help would be very much appreciated...

Please Help.

Thanks !

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