Rear hatch not locking  


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09/12/2017 7:48 am  


The rear hatch on our newly acquired 3.0 XM (1992) stopped locking. On removing the rear hatch covering I quickly saw the problem - the control rod from the lock to the switch had dropped out of position so that the handle was always 'engaged'. Could not find the little 'keeper' that should go on the short end of the control rod so I improvised. The 'keepers' that are used on Weber Carbs (and I would imagine Solex and maybe others) to hold the external control rods in place works a charm smile.gif.

So now the trunk can be locked again - now to just find out why the rear lock does not react (like it use to) with the DS (LHD car) central locking. OH well.........And yes I checked the connection at the rear lock mechanism - no signal to the electromagnet. OTOH works just fine with the trunk lock.



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