Car Jerking at low speeds.  


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23/11/2017 7:45 am  

I recently bought a used Japan toyota viitz ncp91 RS 1500cc. I am having the following 5 issues.

1. Car jerks when shifting from R to D. Does not jerk when shifting from P to D.
2. Car jerks at low speeds. You can feel the slight changing of gears.
3. Car lurches / jerks when releasing brake pedal after a stop. (Happens 3/10 times.)
4. At times when pressing the brake softly to slightly slow down, the car drags as if it wants to stop completely then jerks when I press the accelerator.

Car has been serviced, replaced spark plugs, changed oil, transmission fluid, air filter. Computer diagnosis shows no faults.

It has a cvt transmission. Mileage is 105,000km.

Kindly assist what could be the problem. Transmission issue or brake issue? 


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