Citroen XM 2.1 Diesel Problem  


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11/12/2017 11:44 am  


I'm hoping someone can help me.

I have had the head gasket renewed and had the engine all checked out on my
Citroen XM.

It ran well at first but would not restart when it was hot. If I left it to
cool, it would then start ok.

I was advised by a mechanic to alter the timing on the fuel pump. I did this
and the engine started even when hot..

I went for test drive and all seemed o.k. The next day it would not go, and
hasn't gone since - when its hot or cold!

I have checked everything:- It's getting fuel, the heater plugs are
working, I've tried moving the fuel pump back, even tried using quick start,
but it still wont go.

If anybody has any suggestions, It would be most appreciated.

please help

Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.



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12/12/2017 8:57 am  

ya has puesto esto mismo en otro lado

citroen cx 25 gti turbo ´86
citroen cx 25 trd turbo `87
citroen cx 25 rd `89
citroen xm 2.5 turbo diesel vsx `95



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