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Adx for Fenix 3B - Citroen XM  


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22/12/2017 1:25 pm  


I'm working on a PRV with a fenix 3B ecu, from a citroen XM. I managed to make it start and work on the engine, so i know the ecu is ok. I would like to read the output data of the ecu but i still have no success.

Is there a tutorial ? I bought a TTL to USB converter and installed the driver ( the FDTI one's ) and it works, but i'm not sure about the data speed. I changed the FDTI file like i found on calameo ( i read quite all on the renault documents there )
I tried also to hook a oscilloscope on the ECU pin'18 but i see just an intermittent signal, not datas. Is the data output always active? or i need to send some command ? Have i to connect just the RX on the TTL converter ?

How can i set Scanner Pro ? Has anyone an ADX file like the one i see on the website in the images for the Fenix ecu ?

Please Help.

Thanks !

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