Citroen Xantia - Wh...

Citroen Xantia - Why so cheap and what to look for  


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22/12/2017 1:27 pm  


Ok mate of mine has a lada right now (no sniggering at the back please) and the MOT has just come back as failed, it still has 10 days validity so hes on the lookout for something new. (repair cost higher than value of the car when he got it two years ago lol)

Hes seriously tempted by an R reg Xantia and wants to know what, if anything to look out for, its a 77,000 miler, petrol, manual.

So any one got any suggestions on what to look for? I can't get over how cheap these are for a second hand car, they look cracking value...

Please Help.

Thanks !

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