Fitting A 205 With ...

Fitting A 205 With A Citroen Xm Turbo Engine  


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22/12/2017 1:28 pm  


Ok where to begin.... I'm very lucky to own a classic 205, to which I've fitted mi16 2.1 cams 45's and a megajolt. To me its

well rapid, but alas 12 to the gallon and emission problems every mot.

At Easter this year we decided to do a "top gear" 500 pound challenge to the nurburgring, we bought a 185 celica and they bought a rover 200 brm. Anyway it was fantastic fun so much that we're returning next Easter ...phew

This time i'm hoping to take the 205 fitted with a xm turbo. the aim of my project is for reliability and stealth.

The project is well under way with only the gear linkage causing major issues.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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