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12/12/2017 1:04 pm  


We have an elderly citroen Xantia which started last year with an intermittent problem in that when the weather is very hot it wont start.

During the winter and spring it was fine and now it is hot it has started again.

We have taken it to the garage twice and they have replaced the pre-ignition system and checked it all through. We have now replaced the ignition switches and it is still doing it.

You can drive it somewhere and park it and then go to start it again 10 minutes later and it wont start.

Not all the ignition lights come on when you try to start it just the battery light and one other orange light.

It turns over but there is no ignition so it wont start.

Anyone have any bright ideas as to what we can do next? Our garage doesnt have a clue and nor do we and I am fed up with getting stranded in various supermarket carparks and having to be rescued!




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