Citroen XM 2.0 16v Not Starting  


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I have a 1998 Citroen XM 2.0 16v petrol (auto gearbox) that I have not managed to start in two weeks. When it was running, it ran fine apart from at kick-down when I pressed the accelerator pedal down briskly to make it up a steep bank, and the engine would 'buck', 'judder', however you wish to describe it for a second, and then return back to normal.

The engine turns over on the key, however it won't fire up. When I open the driver's door, I can't hear the fuel pump priming at all, which should be able to be heard. All I can hear are relays clicking under the bonnet. I can't see any spark at the plugs, nor am I able to operate the fuel pump 'manually' by running cable straight from the battery to the electrical terminals on the pump.

I have a Lexia clone and DiagBox installed on a laptop running Windows XP, which connects to the car without any issues and reads the various parts of the car's engine management system. Running the software and tapping into the cars 'Anti-Theft' ECU brings up the faults seen in the attached photo that I took. See below. These are permanent and can'r be cleared.



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yo empezaría por el encendido, principalmente bobinas nuevas

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citroen cx 25 trd turbo `87
citroen cx 25 rd `89
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